I’m interested in a party/event. What do I need to do?

Invite your friends and family over for a party. Ask each party invited to make a minimum contribution to IWMCM. If your party is more elaborate, you may wish to request a larger donation.

Can we honor a specific woman or women from our community at the party/event?

Absolutely. One of the objectives of the IWMCM is to make visible the service of the thousands of Illinois women who have served. We encourage you to recognize them and to publicize that recognition locally.

Can someone come to our party/event from IWMCM and tell us about it?

We have a speaker’s bureau, but it is a limited number. We will work with you to honor your request as best we can.

What will IWMCM do with the money we raise at our party/event?

All monies raised will go to fulfill the mission of this organization which is to make visible the service of women from Illinois, both military and civilian, who served with and in support of the armed forces.

Can men come to the party/event, or is this “ladies only”?

Some of the most avid supporters of the women veterans are the men with whom they served. The objective of the IWMCM is not to ignore men or male veterans, but to make visible the less recognized service of the women.

How will people know to bring a monetary donation to the party/event?

We tell them… please bring your checkbook to this special party/event ready to give a monetary gift. Also tell your guests, that checks are preferred and their contribution is tax deductable.